Sex Moves to Master

June 18, 2013
By: Chris Troy


What man doesn’t want to be a great lover? The kind that leaves a woman breathless and craving him time and time again. Being a great lover doesn’t mean bedding loads of women and it doesn’t have anything to do with having the tightest butt, six pack abs or biggest biceps. How does one become an awesome lover? By being confident, willing to try anything and mastering these sex moves that’ll leave her wanting more and more and more!

Before getting to the meat of the moves you should know that the first one isn’t an actual physical move or maneuver. One of the most important things you can do as far as being great in bed goes is to get in tune with your partner. I’m talking about listening to her and watching her when you’re in bed. A woman tells you a lot without even having to say a word and by picking up on every breath, moan and tilt of the pelvis you’ll know exactly what’s working, what isn’t and what should be tweaked. Add to that these incredible sex moves and you’ll have her hanging from the rafters and singing your name!

Take her from behind. No, I’m not talking about doggy-style, but rather slowly moving from full-on kissing to making your way around behind her and kissing her neck and shoulders while using your hands to caress the front of her shoulders, breasts and down as far as she may want you to. Being taken from behind causes her to automatically give up a certain amount of control which can be exhilarating and liberating for her – not to mention hot! Also, because she can’t actually see you her senses will be especially aroused, causing a sensation overload that will make every breath and touch feel even more intense.

Give her a handjob. Guys aren’t the only ones who like to be stroked and while women may not have an appendage as easy to grasp, mastering the handjob for her will make you the man of the hour! Before you even head south make sure that you’ve given her the attention she needs everywhere else because going straight for the clitoris just won’t do. Next, use a light touch to start with and take your index and middle fingers and place one on either side of her bud and begin to slide slowly up and down so the hood of the clit is moving beneath your fingers (think foreskin during handjob!). Once she’s really primed and feeling good you’ll notice that her clit is engorged and stiff. Switch from sliding your fingers up and down to stroking back and forth basically ‘jerking her off’ as if her clit is a tiny penis. Get ready to watch her squeal with delight and climax harder than ever!

It’s G-spot time. If you haven’t mastered G-spot stimulation then it’s time to start! The mysterious G-spot is nothing more than a spongy little spot on the front wall of the vagina, yet this tiny thing that feels like a little walnut has the power to make your girl climax like nothing else and even cause the awesome squirting that you drool over in porn.  Have her lie on her back while you work your magic by kissing, caressing and rubbing her. The more aroused she is the more pronounced the spot will be, therefore making it easier to find. Slide a finger or two inside of her and curl them upwards. You don’t need to go in too far or you might miss it. Feel around for the spongy, ribbed little nub with a finger of one hand while pressing down gently on the outside with your other hand.  This added pressure will make it easier to stimulate the G-spot. Once you find it, you need to move gently and with a little caution because the sensation isn’t always pleasurable at first. Apply a little bit of pressure and start to move your fingers as you would if calling someone over. Keep at it and increase speed or pressure accordingly by watching her reaction. It’ll become VERY obvious when you’re doing it just right and that’s when you want to keep at it even if she says she feels like she’s gonna pee (that’s normal and its unlikely she’ll actually pee). Continue until she starts to climax and keep at it until it’s all over. Then smile like the hero you are!

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Sex Moves to Master

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