Save Cash The Right Way

May 6, 2013
By: Chris Troy


Save. Save. Save. That’s all we hear since birth. But what does that mean and what if you don’t have it to save it?

You’re getting older and realizing the power and responsibility of money. Dwindling are the days of reckless spending and blowing every dollar you earn as soon as you earn it. Those were fun times and they can continue as you get older and richer, but there are some steps to take and things to know in order for you to continue to have a fat wallet.

Forget Instant Gratification
The process of saving isn’t something that can be done in an immediate, blunt step. It takes time and discipline, but when done properly can light up your eyes with each passing month. You ever hear those stories of older people who saved themselves millions over time? That can certainly be done, but remember that no one saves that much cash right out of college. It’s a slow grind that eventually yields huge results. And the good news? As you go the process picks up speed, so it gets easier and easier once you get it going.

Be Real, Not A Dreamer
No one can save money when they are not bringing in enough to even satisfy their current meager existence. And scrubbing off of your parents and friends to make ends meet won’t last forever, not to mention the douch you eventually become to all of them for continuously doing it. If you aren’t bringing in enough, you need to increase the revenue side of the equation. Get a better job and/or learn new skills to help you elevate your position in the work force. Spend less time on Xbox and more time investing in yourself to get paid more. Once you have a healthy income, take what you need to live and sock the rest away, even if it’s not as much as you’d like. Start off slow and keep at it.

To Hell With Debt
If you’re not in debt, stay that way for as long as possible. If you’re in debt, get out of it ASAP. Debt will wipe out your chances of ever getting out of the rut you’re in and into a better financial situation. Debt, when left unchecked and unbound, is like a cancer that will eat you and your future family alive. There are certainly times to borrow to make things better for the future, but those times are limited and should be kept to as little an amount as possible. You don’t need to borrow over your head for a new beamer when you can more easily afford something more practical. Instead, reserve the borrowing for things like properties and education, two things that usually end up creating more wealth rather than depleting it as time goes on.

Cut Back Smarter, Not Harder
You don’t need to have everything you see all of the time. You also don’t need to blow more money on something that doesn’t provide any more benefit to you. You don’t need 5 new video games when 2 is enough. You don’t need to pay an extra $75 a month to double your internet bandwidth when you aren’t even tapping the existing pipe. The idea is to cut the excess but without depriving yourself of what you know is important to you.

In the end the process is easier than it sounds. You just need to get started and to stick with it. And if you aren’t true to yourself with what you are, what you need, and what you can do, this will fail like anything else that doesn’t include those values. But execute these principles properly and your eyes will begin to light up month after month when checking your balance.

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